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#7UP and Milk

One afternoon I was talking to my mom about James Felton the Brummie Comedian that started, attempted to start a trend on twitter back in March 2019 with Coca Cola and Milk. With Coca Cola’s plan to make a milky drink and James humouring Brummies, my own attempt to start a trend was about to emerge.

This is when my mom told me how she and her siblings would drink 7up and Milk in Pakistan. My mom’s friend who was visiting at the time also shared her experiences of drinking this drink on a hot summer’s day. Having a fridge was luxury so the alternative was to go to the local little shops that sold cold bottled soda drinks such as 7up and mix in the freshly produced milk from the cows they had. It is also called ‘Doodh Soda’, which means milky fizzy drink.

It is and was a popular drink back in the 50’s, early 60’s, the top of the drink can get frothy like a pint but sits like an Ice cream float if too much 7up is added.

This is my how to make it, without it turning it too frothy or into a complete ice cream float:

  1. Add some 7up
  2. Then add a fair amount of milk(any) on top
  3. Stir but don’t stir too much
  4. Drink and enjoy

7up is made up of natural flavours of citric acid, filtered carbonated water and 4 other ingredients which have long names and you probably wouldn’t be that interested in reading. Adding milk gives it a unique taste that hits the back of the tongue better than plain milk or just soda on its own.

So back to trend setting, I wanted to ‘start a trend’ as my mom was the one that firstly suggested I share it online, getting inspiration from Comic Jimmy, Jamesy Felton. Bringing back hers and many others childhood nostalgia was something she wanted me to do. I took it upon myself to shoot some very basic unedited videos and share it with the world, to get others to try this drink!

 My attempt to set a trend was more difficult than I expected, one thing learnt setting a trend requires support from others and others online. Getting other people I know that use social media to get on board could have made #7upandmilk a trend with maybe even the brand making this into a drink.

 There is always opportunity to try again, because the beauty of trends they never really end, they can always come back when you least expect it J

If you need an energy boost or holidaying abroad in a hot country, go get some 7up and add some milk to get your energy going and cool that sweat off

Videos of this drink in action, being mixed available on YouTube @randomlittleworks #7upandmilk

If you have already tried this mixture or are daring enough to give it a go, please feel free to share what you think of it in the comments section below x

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Words don’t come so easily

In a field there are many trees



Big and broad


In separate entities they conform

Joining forces when they’re

Far apart

A branch falls


Crumbles to sew into the soggy moss

Green dew

That which we crawl

This is when no one calls

Completely dumbfounded


Staring with a rotten trunk

Growing in a blast of confusion

Where am I

Who am I

Where do I belong

These words don’t come so easily

So it’s better to say nothing at all.

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It cuts as deep as a red rose

From this hope

With no hope

Tangled mesh


Everytime falling back

With arms astude,

A piece of thread

On bare ground,

You spend endless hours

They spend no hours

Deliberating how to be golden

Sparkle shining through

Covered all over

No mirrors

Because you are just their untouched muse

Aching inside

The warmth surfaces your chin,

As you step inside their cove

Slithering smiles as they hold their stride

That red rose lingering close by,

Holding on,

Grasping how to keep on,

Poking it’s prickly paws,

To unintentionally pretend

To try and end….

No more, do the drums siren

No more, does the frost boulder

This red rose






And orange

No longer glued

To any season

This red rose is golden

Even when the sky becomes torn

Even when the tide rises

Even when night falls

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Double Standards

A heart quakes

Beating fast, veins pulsate

The sweat dripping off your face.

Just a debate?

Never ending distaste

Hearts hollowing

Blood yellowing.

All possibilities dismissed

All frivalities ripped,

Drawing in

We must take what we teach

And practice rather than preach.

That’s all they’ve done,

All they’ll ever do

Keep score

For the next “fall”



Numb to the core

For all the times

You acted like a whore

You acted like a dick

For all the times

You fell to the floor

For all those Double Standards

That sit at the door…..

Fuck you

As we slam that heavy door

Giving way for new begginings

Like a bull waiting for red

What do you guys make of this image?

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Never been kissed

Never been kissed

Not had that perfect kiss yet? The one that gives you butterflies and makes your heart beat a little faster and forget everything in that moment and it’s only you and that other person in that moment. Well you aren’t the only one. One of my favourite Romcoms is ‘Never been kissed’ is so relatable and love does hurt and isn’t always plain sailing.

 I didn’t have a prom at my school and I don’t work for a newspaper as a reporter working on an undercover mission, however watching this movie again made me think of all the kisses I have experienced and I haven’t ever had that feeling  of ‘that moment when you kiss someone and everything around you becomes hazy and the only thing in focus is you and this person and you realize that that person is the only person that you’re supposed to kiss for the rest of your life and for one moment you get this amazing gift and you want to laugh and you want to cry because you feel so lucky that you have found it and so scared that it will go away all at the same time’.

Yes I have kissed and I am sure you may have also too.

Since my school years the quick tongue slashes, machine washes and tumbles drys haven’t given me that feeling like in the movie, but than it is a movie. That kind of kiss is the kind of kiss you give to someone you love and that loves you, I have come close but not close enough.

Who am I

Where’s that girl who shone,

Do I stand for giving in

Who am I, now that my armour is worn?

I have given away what I didn’t know I should have saved

Who am I

Now that my heart has turned to stone

But I’ve got today, I’ve got to make the best I can of it

Cause yesterday is dead and gone

And me along with it

I want to start again, so I look within

Remembering what I’ve become…..like Drew Barrymore from the movie why should I or anyone else settle for less?

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Autumnal leaves

I get six months of silence maybe less if I am lucky.

 Every attempt flickered away like a burnt out flame from a rustic candle.

Strained conversations that become constipated tools,

‘I’m just not in the mood’, not even for that, oh so glorious food.

Deep bottom belly drops

And heavy up tops.

This blue is darker than the ocean, sky and country starry night.

It’s called an addiction, an affliction

To powt good fingers at the tangerine moon.

Chaos in bloom,

The leaves not fully fallen

Steadily giving goodbyes from a distance.

The unexpected gloom overshadows

Trailing behind in full view

Guess what…

It’s not you, it’s me.

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Just a Crush

The recent surge of Sunshine this last week leading up to autumn has made me wonder how quick things can come and go. Just a crush is something that seems to linger through, my head telling me no, my heart…..telling me to RUNNNN!

For those of you that may have read my #monthchallenge blogposts on getting over someone, including ‘The Last string’. I had a minor slip up after doing so well, but moving on from someone you’ve had or got feelings for is not like cutting out all those bad foods you know you shouldn’t be eating.

I know it’s the company, the intimacy, the closeness I love. So a few things have been overlooked, again, a courtesy pat and peck on the cheek and the thrill of doing something, warm bodies colliding makes me want to not give it up.

But hey, what is the big deal right? I know what he wants, so I know where I stand. Never expecting anymore or any less, makes things easier…..

But does it really?

From my past experiences and dating debacles along with my own fears, I fall into the same pattern of falling for someone who only really wants one thing. Don’t get me wrong I want that one thing too, but is it enough? no.  Sometimes I wish we could just be friends, but the attraction will always get in the way and being Just Friends when you’ve acted more than friends seems far off.

So like that #monthchallenge way back when I started blogging in early spring, I have to face some of those fears and one being that I won’t see him again and will have to break this cycle once and for all.

The sudden realization hit me once more after I lay with him, I wanted to leave, I felt that empty feeling like a lover heartbroken.

I have lost the desire to want to bug him, to chase him, to be around him.

To quote something I read in a toilet in Slovenia ‘Love when you are ready, not when you are lonely’ the real reason I was drawn to him was, because he filled a gap and that gap is something that can be filled with so many other wonderful and beautiful things.

Note to self: Remember what you really want and your worth even at your lowest points in life, because you deserve more, you deserve better x

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He likes me, he likes me not

Navigating through the dating world is difficult enough and falling in love can happen when you least expect it. I should know this, better than anyone. If you are like the Bridget Jones or the Carrie of Sex and City this blogpost might be useful.

What do guys want?

A good question and there isn’t necessarily one short answer but here is maybe something close.

Most guys are looking for someone they can really enjoy. That’s when they want a long term relationship. You can’t force love so don’t try too hard. Just be yourself, I know easier said than done. Love will find a way. There are lots of people you’ll get to meet in this lifetime, so don’t settle on someone who isn’t interested in you.

If he doesn’t know you yet, try striking up a conversation. Ask questions about what he did in school, his job, if he has big family, his hobbies, his favourite foods etc.

One of those questions should trigger a full on conversation. Try to be fun and engaging and show that you are interested in what they are talking about. Don’t be afraid to start a random conversation, because those often lead to better connections with our fellow friends.

He initiates

The ones that love you will never make you wonder- Sissy Gavrilaki

He compliments your appearance

Take a lover who looks at you like maybe you are magic- Frida Kahlo

Cues to body language

People may not always tell you how they feel about you. But they will always show you, pay attention.

So does he like you?

It will be clear if he does but sometimes…..it isn’t the case.

And if he doesn’t like you, than it might be time to move as clichéd as it sounds ‘there’s plenty more fish in the sea’.

‘Right place, Right time’ -Olly Murs

There is a difference between someone being interested in you or someone ‘just’ interested in you.

Someone interested in you may not see you as someone to be with long term, they may display signs of interest, which could be equally confusing. Remember to not overthink or try and analyse every interaction you have had with them. You could be spending a long time doing that and miss out on an opportunity on getting to know that person or another person.

Someone really interested in you, I like to call the 3 phases…..

Phase 1

(Winter) To move or get to phase 2(spring) where this man will actually want to be with you, is something to work on

Things have to be taken into consideration:

-How did you meet?

– Are they just out of serious relationship/talking about an ex a lot?

-Do they make clear hints like, ‘I don’t do relationships, I am looking to have fun’

-Do they text you or do you text them first?

-Is it all business?

Phase 3 (Summer)

Is the long longer term commitment, this guy wants to marry you and have your children.

You normally wouldn’t jump from Winter to Summer but it has happened……

When a guy asks you ‘Do you know what a guy wants?’

This question isn’t meant to be answered necessarily, but it is a good question and one that is important when it comes to dating your new man. Knowing what they want, will either lead to love or not.

This article isn’t based on the Movie ‘What Men want’ just in case you are wondering.

I might have it completely wrong, if you are a guy reading this you could shed some light on ‘What guys want’ because you would know better than anybody right?

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Pick me up?

Hello, it’s been awhile and you might be wondering what this blog piece is going to be about…..there is a clue in the title.

Well it is something you might have experienced or have experience of. When you’ve been to a bar or club or gone to the gym for instance or any other place you might frequent. Someone might have used a ‘line’ on you as in they were ‘trying to pick you up’. Not literally of course, even though the drawing above may suggest otherwise.

So after talking to some guy friends and guys I have met over time, bundled with my own experiences. I thought why not write a comprehensive list of well-known Pickup Lines that have been used by men and women.

Buckle up folks, it’s going to get a little cringeworthy and funny.

  1. ‘Hello baby I love you’, this guy shared his early teenage years with how he approached women he liked.
  2. ‘I’ve seen you before’, a classic opener to a pick up liner that seems innocent at first.
  3. ‘I have been watching you run for the bus every morning’, yep a dude stopped me once and said this to me and then asked me for my number.
  4. ‘Are you single’, might not seem like a pick up but it certainly is and you’d only be asking that question if you had serious interest in the person you asked.
  5. ‘Take your sunglasses off, I want to see your soul’, again I was stopped whilst running to the gym, funnily enough. ( I should probably stop running to places).
  6. ‘Would you like some of my cookie’, this is my favourite Pickup Line, they’re offering you some of their cookie! Go out with them, what are you waiting for…….
  7.  ‘Do you like to dance’, after travelling back from Brighton and speaking to a guy with a Bazuki on the train, he asked me this question, followed by him asking for my number. I never received a call to go out dancing though, sadly.
  8. ‘Would you like to do some one on one yoga’, this isn’t always involving yoga, read between the lines……..
  9. ‘Do you need help stretching’, a personal trainer asked me once at my local gym, if I needed help stretching, most probably a pickup line or most likely a recruiting line for new clients.
  10. ‘Your place or mine’, a line that is used by clubbers on the pull, not just in movies.
  11. ‘You looking for a boyfriend’, a glass collector said this to me, at a gig, when I was talking to a band that had just performed, my response……. made him scuttle away with his tail in between his legs.
  12. ‘What do you press these days’, A familiar pickup line that is used towards men who workout.
  13. ‘I like your bag’, featured pickup line I used myself, in a blog piece I wrote, entitled ‘The Approach’, this pickup line worked for some reason. (That blogpost can be found, if you continue scrolling further down😀)
  14.  ‘I like you shoes’, from the ‘Lez Be Friends’ song by The Midnight Beast. The real inspiration for my very own pickup line used above.
  15. And finally, some pickup lines don’t need words i.e. a wink, a gesture or a deep intense stare whilst they salivate their lips is a sure sign that person wants you.

If you’ve got to the end and thought OMG I’ve got my own Pickup Line story or think there is a Pickup Line missing on this list than please do share, this blogpost isn’t the end, only the beggining.

Thank you for reading X

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To all Writers, professional or aspiring, you might want to read this

This piece will focus mainly on creative writing which is a key component, when developing your writing skills and making the writing process more enjoyable.

I sometimes write to express what I am feeling and sometimes I don’t want to be too specific i.e. I am feeling upset for example. This can be useful when writing poetry and you might not think you are a poet or can write poetry, I believe anyone can write poetry. You are connecting your emotions with words.

Think of an emotion; take anger for example, how does it feel?



When you are breaking it down it is useful at that point to be specific and explore further. If you then choose something that relates to this hard/ soft feeling and use something that you can relate to, that could be for example an animal, a piece of material, literally anything that is unique to you and something that resonates with you, you have than discovered the powerful world of imagery, which will help bring your writing to life.

Remember no poetry is bad poetry and it doesn’t have to rhyme, it doesn’t necessarily have to follow a set structure. Some people might disagree with that and that is totally fine. Writing poetically is something you should enjoy and will also help stretch those writing muscles helping develop your writing further.

Why poetry?

It can help spread your message subtly; share an experience that might be very personal and you can learn about other cultures. Some poets that have done this include Sylvia Plath and RM drake who posts on Instagram and sells Zines.  Even the greats like Shakespeare wrote poetry in his plays and separately in his sonnets.

Poetry has given a voice to those who have found it difficult to express their views; it gave birth to song writing and some of the greatest music of all time.

So whether you are writing fiction or non-fiction, writing poems is definitely worth it. If I haven’t convinced you yet than try this simple exercise to see if you enjoy it and if it helps you when writing your next blog piece.

Choose one of the following:

1) Tree        2) Bird (any bird)           3) The Sun

Once you have chosen either 1,2 or 3, write down what they feel like, smell like (write some notes) Do they remind you of anything? Close your eyes and visualize it and think of a time when you saw this? What happened?

From there write down the experience using what you saw, felt and smelt relating it to what the actual Tree, Bird or The Sun’s functions are.

Let me know how you get on, if you found it useful or if you didn’t find it useful all comments are welcomed x

Book Recommendations include:

Ted Hughes ‘How to write Poetry’